Ocean Theme Nursery

A nursery isn’t just a nicely decorated room for a baby to sleep and play in. It’s a sacred space that a mother dreams about from the earliest moments of deciding they want children. For me, that was the case anyway! Rewind four years I couldn’t of imagined I would have been blessed with Ethan Rae so soon, I hadn’t even met Craig yet. BUT I had been manifesting that little rockstar in my minds eye for at least 15 years. I always knew I wanted to be a mother but no one can truly explain how amazing yet overwelming it can be at times.

I wanted his nursery to be something completely unique and inspiring for the whole family to enjoy, find solitude and wind down in. I didn’t want it to be too bright but I wanted his mind to feel inspired to play and create.

There’s something very special about the ocean for me. It’s the place I go to when I need to refuel, rest and recover from life’s struggles. It’s also the place I feel truly myself and connected to the earth.

I know the next time I decorate the baby’s room it will be a toddlers bedroom and Ethan will be telling me what theme he would like, and I can’t wait! To be able to take his idea and make it into something magical for him. I knew this time around I could choose what ever theme I wanted (as he couldn’t help me decide) and it was always going to be an ocean themed room.

I worked with a couple of amazing brands on a gifting basis for Ethan’s ocean themed nursery and I’ll mention who they are as I go along below.

Below is information to some of the main items within Ethan’s Ocean nursery. Please leave comment if you’d like more details on anything I missed out.



One of my favourite soft toys in the Ocean nursery is this XL Octopus. Here’s the link

This XL Shell light from Rocket St Gorge Here’s the LINK

Most of the soft toys and decor is from H&M Home.

The book shelves in Ethan’s nursery are from IKEA. The personalised wooden keepsakes are from Etch and Ink – Link here . Most of the books are from Home Sense and TKMAXX.

The mural stickers link is here

The wall mounted installation is from my furniture brand Lydia Fahy and is being released very soon. Leave your email on the pop us of the website here, to be the first to know when it’s released.

The beautiful whale and alphabet prints and frames – Link here

The wardrobe, baskets above and big sharky is from IKEA.

Watch the full nursery makeover below.

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