Smart Lighting At Home With Philips Hue.

I’ve always been interested in Smart lighting, the idea of controlling all the lighting in my home from a wireless smart device sounded interesting but I wasn’t sure how I could achieve it after my new build home had finished being built, my kitchen fitted and living areas decorated and light fittings all installed.

I started researching smart lighting, when I discovered Philips Hue. Not only do they have easy installation strip lights for under kitchen cabinet lighting, occasional lamps and ambient GU10 spot light bulbs, all wireless, fully customisable and easy to control on a dedicated Philips Hue app. I realised I would be able to instal everything myself, without the need for any fixtures or fitting changes.

The main reason for additional lights was for entertaining, setting the ambiance when I have friends over. Whatever the season, I wanted my home to feel warm, inviting and stylish. I also wanted the option to the change the lighting hues dependant on what I was doing in the space. From cooking to cocktail hour, I wanted the be able to change the mood in a instant with ease.

I chose Philips Hue not only for the sheer amount of different smart lighting options to choose from, but the different hues of light, and the verity in colours looked incredible. In fact there’s 16 million different colours to choose from, all controlled via the Philips hue bridge, a wireless hub that you link up to an app on your phone.

It took me less than 5 minutes to connect the different wireless lighting I’d installed, to the apps main control panel. I then created my rooms within the app, added the lights and preferred ‘scenes’ that I liked the most for both the kitchen and living room. The clever bonus to the app, is that there’s default ‘scenes’ pre-created, that transforms the space in seconds. From a tropical sunset to reading lights, concentration to artic aurora. The choices are endless.

Below are the Philip hue lights I installed in my home and where I put them, plus the links to shop…

Kitchen Spot Lights

GU10 Starter kit.

Easy installation and creates a mood in any room instantly.

Click here to shop

Under Kitchen Cabinet Strip Lights

Easy installation in less than ten minutes.

Click here to shop strip lights

Iris Table Lamp

I have placed this lamp behind the large mirror in my living room.

Click here to shop this lamp

Play Light Bars

These are placed behind my media unit in the living room and have transformed the space.

Click here to shop light bars

Go Portable Light

I’ve placed this lamp in the corner of my living room. It can be charged up and taken anywhere. I love it for yoga and meditating also.

Click here to shop

Below, watch the before and after transformation video, including me installing the under kitchen cabinet strip lights.

For more information on Philips hue lights, click here to visit their website.

Thanks for stopping by.. Lydia x

This blog and content was produced in collaboration with Philips Hue #ad.

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