DIY Wire Word Wall Art

wire word wall art

Who knew creating wire word wall art (try saying that 10 times in a row quickly), would be so easy to make?!! I’m not saying my first attempt was perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely a hobby I’ll try perfecting.

Creating personal wall art for your home adds a personal touch, that’s unique and a little different.

Weather you have a favorite motto or mantra, or possibly like to greet your guest will a little humor, creating a DIY wire wall word is a great place to express your words into art.

I will definitely be making these wire words for my friend and their children as presents. It’s so personal and very cost effective.

A three letter word in wire costs around £1.00 to make. Once you’ve got your tools, the wire world is your oyster.

What you’ll need:

Once you have you chosen word printed or written, the next part is so simple.

wire word wall art
What you need to create a wire wall word.

Bend about 2cm (that will go into the wall so the word looks like it floating)

Then start following you word on the paper.

Once complete, bend 2cm of wire on the last letter to attached the other side in the wall.

diy wire word wall art
Follow the handwriting with the wire.

There’s lots of handwrite inspo online to get more tips.

wire word wall art
DIY wire word wall art

I’d love to see your wire wall art attempts, if you’re on Instagram, please tag me so I can see and share your word art.

There’s a video tutorial on my instagram ‘tv’ channel. Head over to watch it here –


One response to “DIY Wire Word Wall Art”

  1. can i ask what you used to put your wire art on the wall?


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