How to put up a curtain pole in a new build property

How to put up a curtain pole

If you’ve just purchased your first home and paying a handy person to come round isn’t top of your list when first moving in, the chances are you may have some empty windows or temporary blinds.

It may well be the time to learn how to put up that curtain pole yourself for the first time?!

In my latest YouTube video I show you how easy it is to put up a curtain pole, from start to finish. With the right tools, proper direction and a few hours to spare, you’re as capable as anyone else to do some light-is DIY!

As we go into 2019 confident, could upping your DIY skills at home be one of your new years resolutions? If you’ve never done any DIY and feel putting up a curtain a little daunting, a similar set of skills go into hanging a frame or mirror to a wall. Plugs and screws are used in the same way when hanging a frame, without the brackets used in a curtain. Once you have the confidence with using a power drill, the world is your oyster.

One tip, be carful not to drill where wires  or pipes could be. If you’re drilling near plugs, it’s always a good idea to invest in a pipe and live wire detector, click here to view.

Here’s my video on how to put up a curtain pole…

I found a great website called poles and blinds, that goes into lots of detail of what I’m doing in my video, which gives step by step instructions –

I would absolutely love to see your DIY and if this video came in handy! Please tag @home.ideology on instagram – I can’t wait to see your curtains up in all their glory.

Good luck – x

How to put up a curtain pole


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