Life and Living Room design update

I’ve now been in my new home 7 whole months and I can’t believe how time as flown. It feels like I’ve done very little with the house in terms of decoration, but my lovely guests kindly say I’ve come on in leaps and bounds when they come over.

My house move massively felt like starting over after parting ways with my long-term boyfriend who I lived with in his home. I put my heart and soul into decorating the place we shared, but as it was his house, it was me that moved out and had to start over.

It’s only now, 7 months on I’m finding it easier to talk about what happened, mostly because I’ve found my feet in the big wide world, all by myself and happily settled into my new home that’s all mine. I feel very fortunate that I was in the position that I could afford to buy a house by myself and be able to decorate it to my taste. I’m discovering who I am all over again and also my style when it comes to decorating.

When I first stepped foot in to my new home it was extremely daunting, the first thought that came to mind was; “how am I going to do this all by myself?”. 7 months on and I’m a dab hand with a screwdriver, no DIY is impossible and I’m learning everyday. Needless to say I still need someone handy to do my electrics, but that’s about it! I’m also very lucky my mum knows how to wallpaper like a pro, which helps a lot because I love wallpaper!

I’d say my biggest challenge is the task of making my new build home feel more homely. It’s very very white, apart from 1 or 2 rooms I’ve decorated thus far. I’m trying hard not to pick colours that are too cool like blue based greys, as I feel new builds can loose their soul even more when cold tones are added. I’m trying my best to keep it contemporary with a little added warmth.

My Living Room

I cannot wait for this room to be finished. I have all the main items apart from a coffee table and lamps. Ceiling light is on order and the below is what I have managed to tick off the to do list so far. Now all I need to do is tackle the walls and add some more accessories.

I’m only showing you one side of the room here as the other corners are still looking pretty bare. I’ve given myself a 6 week target to finish the living room decorating, so I can enjoy it for Christmas.

Here’s a before and after of a section of the living room;

Picking the perfect carpet was so important so the room felt cozy. I didn’t want cream but also I didn’t want a light grey as the room may have felt too cold. I ended up choosing a lovely champagne grey that works perfectly with both greys and neutral tones from Carpetright.

Home ideology style blog choosing the right carpet
Choosing carpet and underlay for my Living Room

My sofa is the best decision yet for my living room. It’s the demure from Sofology. Click here if you’d like to see it on their site.

The large mirror is from the amazing Brissi, this will be going up on the wall horizontally very soon, but think it looks great vertically also. Click here if you’d like to see the full length mirror on their website.

Full length mirror from Brissi – Click here to view

My cushions are from a mixture of places but the main one in the middle that sets the tone is also from Brissi. Click here if you’d like to view it on their website.

brissi cushion home ideology
Cushion from Brissi – Click here to view

My blinds are a dream and I managed to fit them by myself. The instructions were so easy and all you need is a screw driver, wall plugs and screws. They were from Make My Blinds. The samples they sent to me to pick the finish was great and the delivery was so quick. Click here to view my blinds on their site.

More updates coming very soon 🙂

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  1. You are amazing and I always looked upto you. You are doing great. Well done Lydia :*

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