Farrow & Ball are on a roll(er) with 9 new paint colours

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If you love to decorate, the chances are you’ve heard of Farrow & Ball. The quintessentially English brand, born in Dorset who produce distinctive paints, combining quality ingredients and rich pigments that give their colours a unique depth and long lasting finish.

The paint I refer to as a one coat wonder, completely hooked from the very first stroke. I was lucky enough to attend the press launch of their 9 new colours in Shoreditch, where they totally transformed a venue encapsulating the story of every tone, cleverly with the use of a life size bird nest, dusty chapel and miniature towns to name a few.

A colour that stood out to me because of the story behind it was De Nimes (No.299). A quietly elegant blue that feels wonderfully down to earth, so could be used on anything from a kitchen island to an airy drawing room. The exact shade is rooted in a regency palette but is inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear made in the French city Nîmes. Like denim, its blue hue is ultimately fashionable and yet always feels grounded.

home ideology, farrow and ball, de nimes, paint, interior style blog
Farrow and Ball – De Nimes

My favourite out of all the new shades, that I’m debating using in my home is Sulking Room Pink (No.295). Not to be seen as overtly pink, but rather a muted rose with enormous warmth, its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and easy to use with complementary tones. Sulking Room Pink is evocative of the colours so often used in boudoirs, a room named after the French ‘bouder’ – to sulk.

farrow and ball, home ideology, paint, interior blog
Farrow & Ball – Sulking Room Pink

A colour I’m excited to use on my next kitchen project is Peaan Black (No.294), a perfect kitchen island tone. A chic red based black, this Georgian inspired red based black creates an intimate feel in super contemporary or bohemian homes, while adding a distinguished look to traditional exteriors. The perfect accent for all our reds and completing our range of blacks, Paean Black conjures up the shade of old leather hymnals and so is named after a song of praise.

PAEAN BLACK, farrow and ball, home ideology, inter blog, paint
Farrow & Ball – Paean Black

Below are a few snaps I took from the launch event for the new paint colours in Shoreditch.

For more information on all the new Farrow & Ball paint colours visit there website here.

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