8 tips to create a warm and inviting home this winter


When decorating your home the first question you need to ask yourself is “How do I want this space to make me feel when it’s complete?!” A home is there to be lived in not looked upon; full of furniture and soft furnishings you love and want to be around.

If your answer to the above question includes the words “warm”, “welcoming” or “cosy” then read on. I’ve put together 10 top tips to create a space of calm with a dose of fun, that will not only create an inviting home for you to enjoy but also your guests.

  1. Create a welcoming entrance hall using a clever design trick that draws people in.

First impressions set the tone for the rest of the home. It’s important to keep your hallway as clear from clutter as possible to assure the area doesn’t feel too busy or unloved. A clever way to draw people into your home and make them feel welcome, as soon as you walk through the front door, is by creating an accent wall or feature art on the furthest wall. This will capture the attention of guests and almost literally pull them into and through your home.

Enigma Abstract 666 Framed Graphic Art, home ideology
Enigma Abstract 666 Framed Graphic Art £50.86

      2. A homely scent fills the space with a feeling of comfort.

A beautiful smelling home immediately makes people feel happy and welcome. That happy face we pull when a pleasant smell hits us as soon as we walk through a door sets the mood instantly. Fresh linen or vanilla creates a cosy atmosphere and red wine or spiced orange is perfect for the winter months. Mixing reed diffusers and candles means your home will continuously stay smelling nice, even when you’re not there to have candles burning the diffuser will do its work.

Pop Red Wine Jar Candle – £14.99

3. Inject some fun into the kitchen with a quirky teapot.

You’re guest have arrived, they’ve been drawn in by the clever design trick of the accent wall, an inviting smell has encompassed them as they wonder through the house and it’s time to pop the kettle on. Nothing says you care more than making guests a proper cup of tea from a teapot. It shows you have time for them and feels a little bit special. Days gone by this would have been the norm, but in recent times a teapot is a rare addition to a home and I get excited if I see one when visiting friends house, as it means I’m going to have a better tasting brew than expected. Add to the mix a quirky teapot design, it will ignite some giggles from guests making the atmosphere even more relaxed.  

Camel 1L Porcelain China Teapot – £17.86

4. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.

A living room is there to be lived in, appropriately named but not always obvious. It’s not called the look but don’t touch room for good reason. It should hold comfortable seating that you can’t wait to snuggle up on. A featured armchair that makes you feel cosy when sat on is also a great addition to the room. Rich velvet in deep emerald is perfect if you’re looking to create a sumptuous space with a fashionable design element.

Wilton Armchair – £330.99

5.  A plush rug makes you feel at home.

Question, does your current rug make you want to take your socks off and run your toes through the soft fabric? If the answer is no and your looking to create a cosy space, the perfect way to do this is with a luxurious hand tufted rug. Fabrics with a metallic threads included creates the illusion of texture and reflects the light adding another dimension to the room.

Hand-Tufted/Hand-Hooked Silver Area Rug
Hand-Tufted/Hand-Hooked Silver Area Rug – £50.99

6.  Soften straight lines with curved décor                                                                       If your home is full of harsh, straight lines it’s easy for the space to feel unwelcoming and cold. A minimal amount of décor is OK if you like clean open spaces but adding a few curved elements immediately softens the overall look of the room. Brushed metal décor including copper vases and side tables adds depth and modernity with a hint of cosy.   

Embossed Dot Vase
Embossed Dot Vase – £119.80 & Gold Side Table – £136.94

          7. The love of all things chunky knit

 Nothing says cosy more than a huge chunky knit throw draped over a bed or corner of the sofa. The bigger the better to curl up in! Tassels are an added bonus like these beauties below.

Super Chunky Hand-Knitted Throw
Super Chunky Hand-Knitted Throw – £73.99

8.  Light the way

Lighting makes all the difference when creating the perfect ambiance in a room. Different levels of light create a unique space that leads the eye into different areas. Floor lamps that focus over the top statement armchairs give a spot light effect making it feel more inviting. Use warm bulbs as and stay away from daylight ones as this can bring a cold feeling to the room.

Sitka 2 Piece Table and Floor Lamp set £105.99
Sitka 2 Piece Table and Floor Lamp set


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