Christmas Decorations & Wrapping Tips For 2017


It’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about the little touches that will make Christmas a little more special. It’s good not to lose sight of the essence of Christmas – spending time with the people closest to you and enjoying quality time reflecting on the year and looking forward to 2018.

I’m not a fan of high street shopping especially when I’m looking for the details like; ribbon, crackers and unique decorations. There’s so much to choose from out there I get a little overwhelmed.

I thought I’d share with you some Christmas decorations and wrapping ideas I’m going to  be investing in this year and it inspired me to write a blog to share with you everything I fallen in-love with from Cox & Cox.

Glass Christmas Tree Jar – The perfect decoration for left over baubles or fairy lights. This tree would be perfect on a console table or on top of a fire place. Shop Glass Tree Jar – Click Here

Cox & Cox Christmas Tree Jar

Sage Velvet Ribbon – These are the little touches I forget when shopping on the high street, or I grab whatever is closest because I’m at the end of my tether with queues. Fortunately Cox & Cox have come to the rescue and created a luxury sage velvet ribbon to take gift wrapping to the next level. Shop Sage Ribbon – Click Here.

Cox & Cox Sage Velvet Ribbon

Frosted Branches Hanging Tree – I have a small entrance hallway and I cannot wait to inject some christmas flare into it for the first time with this incredible hanging branch tree. If space is an issue or you like christmas but not THAT much, this could be the perfect happy medium. Shop Branches Hanging Tree – Click Here.

Frosted Branches Hanging Tree – Cox & Cox

Starry Rustic Candles – The absolute cuteness!!! These are not just for Christmas, and I cannot wait to get my handles on them and put them in a giant lantern. The lovely soft grey keeps Christmas fashionable and festive at the same time. Shop Starry Rustic Candles – Click Here.

Starry Rustic Candles – Cox & Cox

Luxury Marble Crackers – I will not mind cooking Christmas dinner if i know these are waiting for me on the table…if they get to christmas that is! So gorgeous and so on trend with cute copper ribbon that sets the marble off perfectly. Shop Luxury Marble Crackers – Click here.

Luxury Marble Crackers – Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is miles ahead of the high street this year and I can’t wait to get the festivities started with these beautiful treats.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Thanks for stopping by – Lydia x

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