How to create a glamorous bedroom with loads of storage


How to create a glam bedroom with loads of storage? It’s not as hard as you think, promise!

It’s easy to be taken back by the beautiful bedrooms on instagram, pinterest and everywhere else online, but the question is where do people put all of their stuff? In a spare room that nobody sees? Maybe! Not everyone has a room dedicated to getting dressed.

There is another way…fitted furniture! It makes the most of every inch of space, even up to the ceiling if required, whilst looking glam. There’s bags of different storage options, designed around what you own or have more of – shoes, handbags, even make-up – say no more!

Chunky Knit Throw – Saint Wools. Bedding – John Lewis.

I styled a lovely bedroom today for Hammonds. The fitted furniture was recently installed in a loft conversion, and you can see how it makes great use of the space either side of the bed and sloped ceiling.

This range is called libretto and it’s available in more than 10 colours with over 40 something handles, so you can really make this furniture your own. This finish is in white with one of the standard handles.

The chunky knit throw is from a lovely company I style lots of homes in, Saint Wools. This throw is made from a natural colour wool. Click here to see the throw at Saint Wools.

home-ideology, interior designer
Hammonds Fitted Furniture

If you’d like to see more of this bedroom furniture range click here.

The headboard in this bedroom is from a company called ‘Just Headboards’ in White – click here to view the headboard.

White bedroom furniture by Hammonds.

The grey and cream silk bedspread and throw is from John Lewis.

Click here to see the grey (bottom) bedspread.

Click here to see the cream silk topper throw.

Decor from Next – Dressing Table from Hammonds

The decor and wall art is from Next.

Click here to see the butterfly framed print.

fitted furniture-home-ideology
Hammonds Fitted Furniture

For more information on this furniture see the Hammonds website – click here.

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