How to decorate a bedroom like a pro


How to decorate a bedroom like a pro.

For many of us deciding on a colour scheme to decorate a bedroom is quite difficult. For others the same colour pallette flows throughout the home, so it’s just a case of choosing elements that fit perfectly with the overall look of the house.

Bedroom styled by Home Ideology. Photo taken by Andrew Wallace at Hammonds Furniture.

The difference with your bedroom is; you can go more glamourous than any other room in the house, because it’s a space where you want to feel the most looked after, especially if long stressful days are the norm.  Clean lines, minimal fuss and easy to access stuff like; moisturiser’s, books and glasses are at arm’s length when you need them.

This is the home of famous author Clare Mackintosh. She has two top ten Sunday Times bestsellers and made the decision to relocate to North Wales from Oxfordshire in 2017. She is renovating her new home to a very high standard.

The bedroom shouldn’t feel closed in but it should feel cosy. The mind should have the space to recharge and rest in comfort. It’s still easy to accomplish a glamorous look without an overload of decretive décor. Choosing larger statement pieces rather than lots of little décor helps with the feeling of open space.

Bedroom styled by Home Ideology. Photo taken by Andrew Wallace at Hammonds Furniture.

Bedside cabinets should be as large as possible as the storage is needed as much as wardrobes. If you can fit everything you use in bed into the drawers like; beauty products, laptop, ipad, it’s less likely stuff will end up on the floor when you’re not on top of tidying.

If you love having a tv in the bedroom a great investment is a unit with doors, so you can disguise it when you wish. If you find a tall piece of furniture with drawers under the tv, it makes for great extra storage space.

Bedroom styled by Home Ideology. Photo taken by Andrew Wallace at Hammonds Furniture.

Window seals should be clear from clutter. Choose a large, heavy (so it doesn’t fall to the floor from every gust of wind) statement piece. Window seal décor is the perfect area to really make your style mark on the room. Tall abstract décor gives a minimalistic feel, whereas something low and long gives a more contemporary look. If you choose black out blinds, muslim curtains softens the edges of the window, creating a calming effect across the room.

If you would like help styling your bedroom email Lydia at

To find out more about writer Clare Mackintosh who owns this beautiful home, visit her website here.

The fitted furniture featured in the blog is by Hammonds Furniture. The range is Harpsden in light praline finish. To view the range click here.


This beautiful bedroom was recently published, see the spread below;

Published magazine feature
Published magazine feature

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