Time to BLUSH! Not cheeks – we’re talking home!

at first BLUSH : How to work the delicate shade into any room of the home.


Super soft and adorably chic, blush continues its reign as the colour of 2017.

The subtle pink shade teamed with copper highlights and a dash of monotone creates an industrial edge with a romantic twist.

The beauty of blush is it’s so versatile and works with most shades. Create a gentle contrast to charcoal greys and crisp whites. It also works well with yellow and browns. Combine with copper and gold accessories for a modern look, or floral fabrics and wallpaper for a vintage theme.

blush wall hallways.jpg

If you’re brave go for Rose Mallow matt emulsion from Fired Earth on all four walls accompanied by white beaded furniture with black handles. Modern metal cases with copper accents stacked as bedsides are perfect for a feminine finish.

A minimalistic black bedframe will bring the soft blush tone up-to-date and add an eye catching feature.

The key is not to use too many metallic for this look to stay fashionable and easy on the eye. Use hints of rose gold or copper on picture frames, lamp bases or candle holders.

blush bedroom - home-ideology 2

When it comes to scatter cushions work different textures and patterns for a contemporary feel. Wool, chevrons and blocks of pastel colours work well with crisp white bedding. Navy or black weighs the overall look down, meaning you can play with feminine textures and art.

If you love frames, go dark, thick and mounted. It will give the soft blush walls depth. Go for abstract art and hang lower than usual on the wall for a modern feel.

copper and blush cases

Invest in a decent pair of matching lampshades when using this trend in a bedroom or living room. Balance is everything if you choose to mix and match prints as it can become chaotic if the décor is irregular in key parts of a room like bedside tables or console tables.

Blush is a popular colour choice for those bored of white and magnolia but afraid of bright, bold tones. It doesn’t matter which room – bedroom, living room or office – it works everywhere.

blush kitchen

Create a tranquil space with barley-there tones.


By Lydia

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