The Ultimate Beauty Sleep Pillow To Feel Amazing In The Morning

Sleeping is my favourite thing to do! After having baby Ethan 10 months ago, my sleep became more serious than ever before. Mainly because I rarely get over a block of two hours in one night. I’d say the biggest change for me after having a baby is altered sleep patterns and how massively they can affect my days if I don’t get enough of it. 

I also changed how I slept since being pregnant which made a massive difference to my sleep. It’s advised pregnant women sleep on their left side from a certain point in their pregnancy and I started this very early on in my first trimester (personal preference) because I felt it was a good idea for the development of my baby. Because of this I started to experience a nub left hip, which is apparently very common in pregnant mums because it’s advised not to sleep on your back or front, so my hip became a massive pressure point. Not only my hip but also the left side of my face started to show more wrinkles each morning because of the pressure on my eye area. 

After having Ethan my attention moved to how I can create a better sleep environment, in particular beauty sleep. My body and mind had been through a massive shift becoming a new mum, so I decided to take the environment I was sleeping in a little more seriously in relation to my pillow. 

Before I found the magic Beauty Sleep Pillow.

My mattress is excellent but my pillow, not so much! I made it my mission to find the ultimate beauty sleep pillow, that would improve my sleep and also help me look and feel better in the mornings!

Fortunately, I didn’t have to look very far after discovering the Tempur Ombracio Pillow which enables you to sleep exactly how you want, with its unique star shape design. 

It was just what I was looking for after so many months of sleeping on my side, putting pressure on my eye area, causing fine ‘sleep’ lines. I couldn’t wait to try it and see if it helped my beauty sleep.

After only one night’s sleep I could feel the benefits of the star-shaped pillow and I slept a lot better in general. I personally feel the pillow helps promote back sleeping because it moulds around your neck comfortably. I’ve always wanted to sleep on my back more but turn in my sleep. The unique star-shaped pillow helps prevent turning when sleeping on your back, which is perfect. An added benefit of back sleeping is less lines and wrinkles on the decollate and chest area, something I’m more conscious of as I’m getting older.

Another benefit I wasn’t expecting was for my eyelashes! I recently had my natural lashes tinted and lifted. I was advised to be a little careful how I slept for a few days because they could lose shape if I slept directly on the lashes and found the star shape pillow was perfect for helping them not lose shape when I slept on my side.

I’ve noticed after one month of sleeping on the star shaped Ombracio Pillow from Tempur, my sleep has improved a lot and when sleeping on my side the pressure is removed from my eye area which is exactly what I was looking for in my beauty sleep routine. 

If you would like to see more information on Tempur’s original memory foam, unique mattress material and their mattresses, please visit the Tempur website.

Watch below to see me demonstrating the beauty sleep pillow…

This blog has been written in collaboration with Tempur (ad) but all views and opinions are my own. 

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