Star Burst Wall Decor Tutorial

Star Wall Decor Tutorial

Create a unique and dramatic Star Burst Wall Decor installation in a few easy steps.

This tutorial is fun, easy and inexpensive to make and instal on the wall.

Below I go into detail of how to prep, make and hang your Star Burst Wall Decor.

What you’ll need;

What you’ll need to do;

Divide the 300 skewers into five equal quantities. Cut one batch into 16cm lengths for the main, large burst with the side cutters. Cut two batches into 12cm lengths and the remaining two batches into 9cm, for the smallest bursts.

Once cut, in a well ventilated area spray paint in your desired colour the shortened skewers.

Cut the medium size foam baubles into halves and glue a cardboard circle to the back for ease when attaching to the wall.

Also spray paint the half foam baubles.

Once both skewers and baubles are dry, use a left over sharp end of a skewer to lightly pierce the centre top of the foam.

Apply a small amount of superglue in the hole, then lightly start to push the skewers in the hole.

Work around in circles until you’ve reached the circle edges.

Continue with the remaining 4 bursts.

As the installation is light, there is no need to make holes in the wall to hang. Use command strips to stick the bursts to the wall in your desired arrangement.

Star Wall Decor Tutorial
Star Wall Decor Tutorial

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Thanks for stopping by … Lydia xx

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